Ki-Tech Logo, note the wings and the dot of distinction
Ki-Tech Logo, note the wings and the dot of distinction

Inspired with passion to see technology becoming a daily reality to common people, Ki-Tech is growing business with focus on developing new solutions to problems facing the society.

The name is inspired by loftiness of a kite as it flies, we aspire to be an inspiration to our clients and make them dream that they can fly just like a kite. Our logo also bears a green dot, that one we call a dot of distinction. Ki-Tech is dedicated to making a difference and to make our clients stand-out in crowds.

ki-Tech is committed to three major values:
Innovation, Development & Loyality


We are up to bringing forward latest technology that has been incubated in customer oriented minds so as to deliver best solutions for our customers


We listen to our clients, we understand their concerns and respect their demands. Honestly, our clients are masters of our business.


Our business is based on creating sustainable solutions that will impact not only your business but also your clients and employees