A sales & stock management which best suites pharmacies. Smartpharm is primarily meant to serve for:

  1. Storing product information
    1. Product Type (Category & Generic name)
    2. Product name
    3. Product expiry (optional)
    4. Product Price (Wholesale & Retail)
    5. Product Manufacturer
    6. Product Code (Item Code) for easy access
    7. Price list
  2. Storing Stock information
    1. Stock updates
    2. Stock count
    3. Low stock alert
    4. Expiry alert
  3. Storing Sales information
    1. Real time or backdated sales records
    2. View sales in an interval of time
    3. Undo or delete sales (In case of error)
    4. View Deleted sales
    5. Sales report: per item, per date and per receipt number
  4. Keep your records safe
    1. a. Controlled user accounts
    2. b. Data backup