FreeWeb offered by Ki-Tech is a unique service for individuals, organizations, SMEs as well as big businesses. It opens a new frontier for persons and entities to own and run websites with as ease as never before. FreeWeb makes it easier to own and maintain a prestigious website at a very manageable cost.

FreeWeb is offered through a team of skilled and competent IT savvies. It is highest comfort to our clients to see that their website is safe and secure in the hands of techies fired with passion for clients’ happiness and pride. Most of clients are organizations that find it important for them to have an updated and secure website although it may not be most convenient for them to hire a person for that task. At that point FreeWeb becomes handy.


How to subscribe:

  1. E-Mail:;
  2. Fill form:
  • Call: 0713 611292, 0767 611292
  1. Visit our offices: CCT Church House 2nd Hospital Rd. Dodoma
  2. Contact one of our local agencies


  1. Free hosting
  2. Free Website Creation
  3. Maintenance
    1. Static Sites
    2. CMS based sites
    3. Tailor made sites
  4. Free translation and content proof reading
  5. Logo Design
  6. Digital Profile Development (Online Presence)
  7. Private E-Mail accounts management (based on one’s domain)


2015 Promotional Prices

Product Price per  Month (TZS)
1.       Hosting Free
2.       Website Creation

          a. Up to 10 pages of static site

          b. CMS based sites

         c.  Tailor Made Sites





3.       Maintenance

a.       Static Sites

b.      CMS based sites

c.       Tailor made sites




4.       Translation (English ? Swahili) and content proof readinga.       Up to 1 page per weekb.      More than one page per week Free+5,000 per week
5.       Logo Designa.       Redrawing existing logob.      Drawing a conceptualized Logoc.       Conceptualizing and designing a new logo Free50,000/-100,000/-
6.       Digital Profile Development (Online Presence)a.       3+ years contractb.      Otherwise 2015 bonus free10,000/-
7.       Private E-Mail accounts management (based on one’s domain)  Free

*Terms and conditions apply