Why A-Plus

The product focuses on alleviating if not eliminating some of the bottlenecks in school management. It also suggests several options to technology adoption in order to leap into the 21st Century with ease and efficiency.

Challenges in school management are numerous, consider the following:

  1. Time required to get a specific information (Access time)
  2. Errors in storing and retrieving information
  3. Time required to process data/information
  4. Information repetition and redundancy
  5. Overhead workload to staff
  6. Difficult real time monitoring and tracking
  7. Arduous production of reports
  8. Difficult parental contact and feedback
  9. Security and safety of information

Our Approach

A-Plus is designed such that problems mentioned above are handled in the easiest way possible through technology and innovative approaches

Problem A-Plus Solution
i.                    Time required to get a specific information (Access time) Most of information is available in easy to read form within seconds
ii.                  Errors in storing and retrieving information Information is kept with maximum integrity and accuracy through system integration and synchronization
iii.                Time required to process data/information Data is processed at computer speed. With A-Plus hundreds of students reports can be prepared through a few clicks in the shortest time you can imagine. Hundreds of students can be uploaded into the system by a single click and many more. A-Plus offers speedy data processing
iv.                 Information repetition and redundancy Information repetition is eliminated through verification tools and centralization of the school database. It all goes such that all information is stored and updated without at the central database
v.                   Overhead workload to staff Staff will be save their very precious time for core tasks in teaching and administration as most of the laborious parts of their duties will be handled in better way with A-Plus. Staff will not sit down to sum or aggregate student results, or to establish their disciplinary profile
vi.                 Difficult real time monitoring and tracking What would school administration want to know more than the latest updates? Well in real time the system offers reports, alerts and tips so that it will not be difficult to notice any matter that needs immediate attention. Trends can be noticed also and eventually appropriate measures taken
vii.               Arduous production of reports There are reports for almost everything that needs to be reported. From bursary through administrative and academic details. Academic and financial report for each student are also available in both interactive and printable manners
viii.             Difficult parental contact and feedback  A-Plus has tools that enables a school to SMS or e-mail all parents at per; or contact them whenever contact them when disciplinary action is taken, a payment is made or otherwise found necessary. All staff need to know is where to click then numbers and addresses will come into right boxes
ix.                 Administration costs With A-Plus there will be a need for less paper and man-hours. Eventually the cost will go down while efficiency will be going up
x.                   Low enrolment of science majoring students A-Plus will make science and technology much more a reality to students and eventually encourage students to develop interest in information technology and other science subjects taught in schools

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