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FreeWeb offered by Ki-Tech is a unique service for individuals, organizations, SMEs as well as big businesses. It opens a new frontier for persons and entities to own and run websites with as ease as never before. FreeWeb makes it easier to own and maintain a prestigious website at a very manageable cost.

FreeWeb is offered through a team of skilled and competent IT savvies. It is highest comfort to our clients to see that their website is safe and secure in the hands of techies fired with passion for clients’ happiness and pride. Most of clients are organizations that find it important for them to have an updated and secure website although it may not be most convenient for them to hire a person for that task. At that point FreeWeb becomes handy.



The product focuses on alleviating if not eliminating some of the bottlenecks in school management. It also suggests several options to technology adoption in order to leap into the 21st Century with ease and efficiency.

Challenges in school management are numerous, consider the following:

  • Time required to get a specific information (Access time)
  • Errors in storing and retrieving information
  • Time required to process data/information
  • Information repetition and redundancy
  • Overhead workload to staff
  • Difficult real time monitoring and tracking
  • Arduous production of reports
  • Difficult parental contact and feedback
  • Security and safety of information
  • Low enrollment of science majoring students



A sales & stock management which best suites pharmacies. Smartpharm is primarily meant to serve for:

1. Storing product information
a. Product Type (Category & Generic name)
b. Product name
c. Product expiry (optional)
d. Product Price (Wholesale & Retail)
e. Product Manufacturer
f. Product Code (Item Code) for easy access
g. Price list

2. Storing Stock information
a. Stock updates
b. Stock count
c. Low stock alert
d. Expiry alert

3. Storing Sales information
a. Real time or backdated sales r
b. View sales in an interval of time
c. Undo or delete sales (In case of error)
d. View Deleted sales
e. Sales report: per item, per date and per receipt number

4. Keep your records safe
a. Controlled user accounts
b. Data backup